SPYDERCO Collaboration



Production Prototype 2015

The story.

I have been fly fishing since I was a kid, twelve years old I believe. I always carried a knife with me for cutting fishing line or other tasks that I might encounter during my day at the river. Sometimes I had trouble cutting the line, the nylon line sort off slipped away from the blade edge when I was trying to cut it. I had this problem for years until I got a nick in the edge. Suddenly it got easier to cut the line because the line got caught up in that nick.  That’s when I figured out I needed a different blade shape.

The years moved on and I became a knife maker. I made a blade similar to this Vrango folder just for fishing and for my own preferences. That knife served me well during my fishing adventures. Later on I incorporated this bladeshape into a folding knife. I needed it to be one hand operated. I have always been inspired by SPYDERCO so the choice for me making a hole in the blade came natural.

I contacted  SPYDERCO for permission to use the same concept with a hole in the blade, and that’s when our collaboration started.

Now, my family and I live on a island in Gothenburgs archipelago named Vrango. It is a small island with approximately 350 inhabitants, mostly sailors and fishermen. Cutting fishing lines and nets are daily chores around these parts so this small folding knife comes very in handy here.

SPYDERCO has worked with my design and made a fantastic tool, a knife with great ergonomics, lightweight design and an object of desire. Well done SPYDERCO, well done!